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The Tenets of Taekwon-Do
Student Oath
Training Secrets of Taekwon-Do
The Theory of Power

Student Oath
  • I shall observe the tenets of Taekwon-Do.
  • I shall respect my instructors and seniors.
  • I shall never misuse Taekown-Do.
  • I shall be a champion of freedom and justice.
  • I shall build a more peaceful world.


Never tire of learning.
A good student can learn anywhere anytime.
This is the secret of knowledge.

A good student must be willing to sacrifice for his art and instructor.
Many students feel that the training is a commodity bought with monthly dues, and unwilling to take a part in demonstration, teaching, and walking around the don-jan.
and instructors can afford to lose this type of students.

Always set a good example for lower ranking students.
It is only natural that they'll attempt to emulate senior students.

Always be loyal and never criticise instructor, Taekwon-Do or the teaching methods.

Even an instructor teaches the technique, practice it and attempt to utilize it.

Remember that a student conduct outside the don-jan reflects on the art and instructor.
If a student adopets a technique form other don-jan, and the instructor disapproves of it, a student must discard it immidiately, or train at the gym the technique was learnd.

Never be disrespectable to the instructors.
Lower student is allowed to disagree with the instructor, the student must first follow the instruction and then, discuss the matter later.

A student must always be eager to learn, and ask questions.

Never betray the instructor.


Never tire of teaching.
A good teacher can teach anywhere anytime.
And always be ready to answer questions.

And instructor should be eager for his students to surpass him;
It is the ultimate compliment for an instructor.

A student should never be held back.
If the instructor realize that his student has developed beyond his cape abilities, the student should sent to a highter ranking instructor.

And instructor must always set a good example for his students and never attempt to defraud them.

The development of students should take precedence over commercialism.
Once an instructor becomes concerned with materialism, he will lose the respect of his students.

Instructors should teach scientifically and theoretically to save time and energy.

Instructors should help student develop good contacts outside the don-jan.
It's an instructor's responsebility to develop students outside as well as inside the don-jan.
Student should be encouraged to visit other don-jans and study other techniques.
Students who're forbidden to visit other don-jans are likly to become with rebellious.
There're two advantages for allowing students to other gyms.
Not only is there the posibilities that a student may observe a technique that is ideally suited for him. But he may also have a chance to learn by comparing his technique to inferior techniques.

All students should be treated equally. There should be no favorates.
Student should always be scolded in private, never in front of the class.
If the instructor is not able to answer a student's question, he should not fabricated an answer.
But admit he does not know and attempt to find the answer as soon as possible.

All too often, will a lower degree black belt dispense illogical answer to his students merely because he is afraid of "losing face", because he does not know the answer.

And instructor should not seek any favors.
Such as cleaning the studio doing repair works, etc. from his students.

The only purpose of an instructor is to produce both technically and mentally exellent students.

Always be honest with the students.
And never break a trust.

Training Secrets of Taekwon-Do
  • To study the theory of power thoroughly.
  • To understand the purpose and method of each movement clearly.
  • To bring the movement of eyes, hands, feet and breath into a single coordinated action.
  • To choose the appropriate attacking tool for each vital spot.
  • To become familiar with the correct angel and distance for attack and defence.
  • Keep both the arms and legs bent slightly while the movement is in motion.
  • All movements must begin with a backward motion with very few exceptions.
  • However, once the movement is in motion, it should not be stoppedbefore reaching the target.
  • To create a sine wave during the movement by utilizing the knee spring properly.
  • To exhale briefly at the moment of each blow, except a connecting motion.

The Theory of Power

Reaction force
Breath control